DOJ 80

Friends, DOJ-80 means Dadaji Humic, which contains more than 80 minerals.

DOJ-80 is produced using ultra modern techniques. It has high quality leonards, Desi Cow’s urine extracts and five types of tulsi extracts. Because of this the productivity of DOJ-80 increased by three times and eventually is three times more powerful than any other organic product available in the market.

DOJ-80 is humic and fulvic acid and has very high carbon content. Humic has capacity to retain humidity and hence the soil retains moisture. Also the soil becomes soft and porous. This also helps in creation of lot of earth worms which help the soil.

As DOJ-80 contains natural fulvic, which is anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal. Fulvic molecules act like transporters. The mineral helps in providing nutrients to plants which are generally hidden deep inside the soil. That is the reason it is called a transporter which help in plant growth immensely.

The urine of Desi Gir cow helps the crops and plants from insects, bacteria etc through increased immunity. The cow urine contains micro nutrients which help in crop growth tremendously. Desi Gir cow’s urine is much more effective than a normal cow’s urine. Cow urine has been used in agriculture since ages in India.

Five tulsi extracts give a lot of nutrition to crops. Whenever there are changes in environment the crops acquire many diseases so to stop crops from acquiring diseases these tulsi extracts help and protect. Friends you have realized now that we have an incredible product called DOJ-80 which is an organic manure, in liquid form. Our research team took more than 12 years to develp the product.

Benefits of using DOJ-80

  • PH value of soil increases
  • Soil becomes soft and porous by which supply of air increases
  • Water retention capacity of soil increases
  • It increases earth worms which help soil immensely
  • It increases good bacteria content in soil
  • Vital nutrients from deep soil are easily available to crops and plants
  • Crops roots grow tremendously and they penetrate deep into the soil because of which crops grow quickly
  • Crops grow dense and tall
  • Flowers from crops do not fall easily even in high wind, sun and rains
  • Productivity increases by 15 to 30%
  • The output quality also is great ie flowers and fruits
  • DOJ-80 should be used every 20 days for optimum benefits
  • DOJ-80 can be used in almost all kinds of crops and plants