DNC 90

Best Catalyst in the world DNC 90

Makes the Soil Porous.

Increases Productivity of Soil

Water Retention Capacity of soil Increases

P. H. Level of Soil Increases

Kills Insects, Bacteria, Viruses

Help in increasing good bacteria which ultimately helps to improve the health of plants and increases no of earthworms

The amount of Harmful Chemical Fertilizer’s use Decreases by 50% in the First Year

Increases Quality and Productivity of Produce

Add shop team conducted 5 years research and introduced DNC90 for Indian farmers. This product comes in a 3 kg poly bag. This contains main ingredients like humic acid, fulvic acid, Neem and castor etc.

When God created nature he created vegetation and forest. Herbs, trees and plants were created from nanoparticles, an important mineral and elements present in the soil. During those times farming was not carried. Fruits, flowers, branches leaves which used to fall on the ground were naturally converted into manure, and readily available. After many years earth went through a lot of geographical changes because of earthquakes water became land and land became water resulting into land debris thousands of metres below the water which converted into stones. Just in past sixty years scientist discovered this, which they called lignite, which contains high concentration minerals. If this lignite is made water soluble and used in farming, the organic carbon and humic available in lignite may convert the barren land into farm conducive land. This is why if leornadyte from lignite is extracted humic and fulvic are created. There are substandard products available in the market, but Add shop products are developed using real natural elements, which are made of thousands of years old lignite elements from Canada that is why their results are 3 to 4 times more.


For big trees for each tree 200gms and 150gms 2 times within 45 days mix together and pore in a hole created in the soil. Use this every year 3 to 4 months prior to fruit-bearing seasons

DNC 90 3 kg bag is can ideally be used over the 1-acre farm for 4 months old crops and plants.

Here 30 to 40 kgs soil is used to mix and spread during seeding, or one can just liberally spread this on the soil, or this can be spread over the canals created in the farm.