Crop Sudha – Granuals

Used in farming and agriculture for providing organic fertilizer.

Makes the Soil Porous.

Increases Productivity of Soil

Water Retention Capacity of soil Increases

P. H. Level of Soil Increases

The Vitamins minerals required for plant growth are easily available for plant roots as they are evenly and freely distributed in the soil

Thus, it improves the immunity of the Crops and makes them disease free

This results in a high yield of high-quality Crops in less time

Production of All kinds of Flowering plants, fruit and vegetable bases crops and the plant is very high

After 12 years of farming experience add shop research team has developed a wonderful product named Crop Sudha which solves farmer’s farming issues fully. This organic fertilizer is available in forms

  1. Liquid
  2. Granules powder

This product contains 60 types of vitamins, proteins, minerals and stress-reducing elements.

Crops acquire proteins and minerals from the soil, but today’s soil contains very fewer minerals which eventually results in less production, which later caused a lot of stress, worries, financial losses to farmers. The farmers at present are using chemical fertilizers which provide only 20% of these required vitamins and minerals and the soil is depleted with the 80% of minerals. If the soil contains all these elements the crops can easily use all the proteins, minerals and vitamins in required quantities, but, in India, farmers were using chemical fertilizers since 40 to 50 years, because of which the production capacity of the soil has drastically decreased. Also, the soil is becoming more and more poisonous. Whenever there is a plenty of rainfall the water washes the farm and water reaches rivers which eventually leads to seas. The seas do not keep anything for themselves so throw this water back to shores.  This results in the creation of different types of medicinal plants germinating at the shores which call algina or moss. These algae’s are in three colours red, sky-blue and green which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and 60 types of stress-reducing elements, minerals and vitamins in huge quantities.

In today’s modern world these algae are called spirulina, which is sold in the market as health products. Cropsudha has been developed after extracting these algae and converted into a water solvable product.

The same process is used in developing soya bean which we all know. Soya bean in today’s time is considered to contain very high levels of protein. There are several health products in the market which used soya bean. Add shop extracts the amino acid chain from soya bean and used in Crop Sudha. This technique is world famous which add shop has incorporated. In general, these kinds of products are not at all available in India. Because of all this Crop Sudha Liquid and granules make a very important contribution development and growth of crops.

It has been found after 60 years of Research Seaweeds are used the crops and plants grow abundantly and are able to use minerals and vitamins from the soil properly. Crop Sudha uses more than 60 types of stress-reducing elements.


Every hector requires approximately  3kgs of the same to be spread over in 2-3 settings depending upon the age of the plant.

If the age of the plant is 4 to 7 months then spread the fertilizers twice. For the age of the plant, 7 to 15 months spread the fertilizers thrice.

One can spread crop Sudha liberally and sprinkle water the next day.

While plants are growing, spread Cropsudha.



3 KG pack