Excellent Solution For Common Problems in Animals.

Farming and animal rearing are two sides of the same coin. That means these two businesses complement each other. If we do animal rearing we incur less cost on farming and vice-versa. We all know that day by day animal rearing is done lesser and lesser. One of the main reasons is lesser production of milk and increasing maintenance day by day animals are producing less milk because the fodder given animals contains poisonous pesticides and fertilizers. Because of consumption of this poisonous food the productivity of the animals has drastically reduced. Animals are deprived of vitamins, minerals, protein which eventually results in no quality of milk. Because of which the farmers are not getting desired profits. Another reason can be attributed to farmers giving medicines and chemical food and vitamins to increase milk production which increases cost of production.  But after few days of consumption there are lot of side effects and animals acquired very new deceases. Animals are in constant stress which had negative impact on everything. To solve all these issues add shop is come up with organic and Ayurvedic food which we called cattle sudha. This is an animal feed supplement. The powder is created using scientific bio technology.

Dose:  It is very simple to use. Just use 4gms in the morning and 4 gms in the evening by adding it to the fodder. When the animal consumes cattle sudha they are free from micro toxins. The P. H. Level of animal’s body and blood are maintained. Because of which the side effect of poisons fodder are negated and the milk production also increases slowly.

For small animals like dogs and cats, give 2gms in morning and 1gms in the evening, for animals cow, buffalo and horse give 4gms in morning and 4gms in evening. Cattle sudha herbal powder has no side effects.