Bhumi Sudha


It increases soil fertility

It increases crops immune Powder

It helps to protect crops against disease

It is used to increases production

It helps to develop crops roots

It is helpsful in passing micro and macro

Nutrient to root

It is 100% natural

No side effect


Natural Soil Conditioner

Thousands of years back America and Canada had a lot of forests and over time due to geographical changes, these forests became debris. For years they rot under land and gradually were converted into organic carbon, which became a treasure of minerals. These contain micronutrients in large quantities and available deep inside the earth and are mystic potions. These minerals were extracted and processed to make them water soluble and where named Bhumisudha.

Bhumisudha contains organic carbon, which in turn contains carboxyl phenolic acid and polyhydric acid, it also contains a humic acid powder which in turn contains boron, iron, zinc, molybdenum, Fulvic acid, amino acid etc.


1 pouch of Bhumisudha should be mixed with 15-litre water pump and spread over the crops.

For every acre, 5 pouches can be used directly.

For seed treatment put 12 pouches in 1-litre water mix well and add 5 ml mixer in 1 kg seeds and then can be spread over the farm.

Bhumisudha is 100% natural product with no side effects and is safe for both land and farmers.

Our product Bhumisudha is Omri Listed and certified.

Use of Bhumisudha will cut down on the use of chemical fertilizers by 50% . and thus reducing the costs.

Enhances the natural immune system of the plants.

Promotes healthy growth in plants

Enhances the production, quality and quantity of the crop i.e. fruits, vegetables, legumes, sugarcane, cereals like wheat, maize, rice etc.

Prevent fungal, viral and rusting disease in plants.

Dosage: Foliar Spray: 1 Pouch in 16 litres of water

Drip irrigation: 10 Pouches in 200 litres of water per acre land.

Direct Soil Application: 10 Pouches per acre land

Safety: Free from pesticides, strong chemicals and urea

Pack size: 30 sachets of 6.5 gms

safe and effective

Improves the quality of soil and crops

Weight 0.2 kg