Our Mentor

How and why Sendriya India came into existence. The people and purpose behind Sendriya India …

It was a mission started by a young and dynamic Mr. Dinesh Bhai Pandya,  it was his fore sight then when he saw the ill effects of chemical farming, destroying the very fiber of The Indian Farming System. It was this young man with the firm belief that things have to be changed and can be changed, which brought the slogan “VISH MUKT SHETI,  SAMRUDHH SHETKARI” (Poison Free  Farming, Prosperous Farmers).

Two years into the mission a deadly tragedy struck Mr. Dineshbhai Pandya. He lost both of his eyes in a freak accident in Pune, India. He became totally blind. Any other lesser mortal would have put an end to the mission and lived a passive life but that was not to be with Mr. Dineshbhai Pandya (Miracle Man). He can out stronger in his belief and his resolve became more determined. His famous words were Drushti Nahi Drushtikon Chahiye (Not sight but foresight is required). Mr. Dineshbhai Pandya continued with his mission to create a success story. With nano technology he went on to develop not only  farm products but also Ayurvedic medicines. His story , his journey, the awards, his company, his forming of add shop, his resolve to give jobs to 1 crore people in 5 years all added to the glory.

Mr. Dineshbhai Pandya has revolutionized Organic Farming  with his thought provoking Nano-Technology, creating 100% chemical free organic fertilizers which will not only see the end of the use of chemical fertilizers, but also give an assured growth of more than 60% in farm produce. It will thus help the Indian farmers to go back to the original system of farming. It will give a boost to the farmer’s morale and will help farmers community to prosper and avoid taking drastic steps including suicide.

He is our Mentor and true inspiration to us and many all over.