About Cancer

The rich and the famous , BELIEVERS OR NON BELIEVERS whether one is a well built Diet Conscious Individual, Veg, NON VEG Or Non Smoker, IAS-IPS Officer, a Law Abiding Citizen or a Criminal, A sportsman, Actor   or maybe a doctor, Me, You, Just anyone & Everyone could be or already is the next Victim of the Dreaded Cancer.

Reason: Besides the polluted air we breathe and the water we drink, a major Avoidable reason is the Internationally banned Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Insecticides used for cultivation by Indian farmers.  Also, the milk consumed by us from cross breaded Imported Foreign Jersey Cows is a major cause of cancer.

Brazil & major European & Latin American countries are looking at the Indian cows and are breeding Indian Cow varieties in their countries. While Africa is practically organic.

Fully Packed Cancer Special Trains with Cancer patients are leaving from Punjab & Haryana to cancer hospitals in Delhi & Rajasthan on a regular basis. One such cancer is being Scheduled from Calcutta too. Please look back to Ancient Indian Cows when we had Indian (Desi) Cows at our doors, when the Fields were cultivated with cow Dung and Cow Urine, when Cow dung was used as flooring,  when burning Cow dung was a Mosquito Repellent, when Pure Milk, Curds & buttermilk was Savored in the morning to keep our bodies healthy. Then, Cancer was a RARE occurrence.

Solution: The only solution is going back to Organic Farming with Natural Fertilizers and Milk from Indian Cows.